Lt. Guy Temple, 1st Battalion, Gloster Regiment


3 Responses to “Veterans’ Memoirs”

  1. Stuart Brooks Says:

    I came across this article by chance. My dearest wish is to be able to go back in time and shake Lt. Temple’s hand. A truly remarkable account, confirming the incredible strength of character and resilience of the British Armed Forces, of all ranks.

    My deepest condolences to Lt. Temples widow, but also my heartfelt thanks for releasing this document into the public domain.

    Stuart Brooks

  2. Donna Ford Says:

    I would like to thank LT Temples widow for allowing us this unique opportunity to read the words of a truelly wonderful and brave man.

    No one can imagine the pain and hunger that these brave men faced but reading LT Temples memoirs certainly has made me understand much more about that war than ever before.

    My uncle(my mothers brother) died on the Imjin river april 21st 1951. His name was Raymond Crews.

  3. Kaz Angelique Dorward Says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew my Mother’s Uncle – Reginald James Thomas PUGH he was 38ys old when he fought in the Korean war.
    As Field Regt. Royal Artillery, 29th British Brigade. There is one photograph of him in Korea around a fire.
    I can’t locate any records of him today, alive or dead? KIA, MIA, wounded or any medals or commendations.
    Can anyone help me? did anyone know him?

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